Life Begins at 60

A must read for every reader who wants to become young again.

It’s life’s greatest mystery. How do I stay young? Leap introduces the reader to youth after sixty, – ideas, techniques and wisdom that can empower you, enhance your health and cause you to return to the youth you once knew.!!

Leap book by Ken Van Liew

Leap demystifies the magic of becoming young again by reverse-engineering the 10 leaps every baby makes to turn itself into a young human and makes a return to a vital and youthful life accessible to everyone.

Mental Leap 1
The World of New Sensory Acuity

Mental Leap 2
The World of Success Patterns

Mental Leap 3
The World of Transformation

Mental Leap 4
The World of Happenstance

Mental Leap 5
The World of Deep Emotional Rapport

Mental Leap 6
The World of Categories

Mental Leap 7
The World of Sequence of Operations

Mental Leap 8
The World of Apps and Programs

Mental Leap 9
The World of Principles

Mental Leap 10
The World of Systems

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