Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise

Worldwide Expertise and boots on the ground

The Only Tenure Real Estate Program in the World! 

You Are Ready Now.

The Tenure Program (10 yr. duration) is for passive and active investors that seek the level of professors’ knowledge and entrepreneurial real estate expertise.

Our proven structure accelerates results and provides community, accountability, education, expertise, consultations, and boots on the ground.

Worldwide Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise represents an ecosystem of like-minded professionals collaborating towards success while building deep emotional rapport and professional monetizable relationships for a lifetime. 

Interview with Noelle Randall

The Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise has a runway to success and works very well for people with a long-term plan, applicable experience, and passion to have more. This opportunity is not offered to anyone and only to select individuals that believe it’s a good fit for both of us.

The final piece to the lifetime program offer is decisiveness where this discount offer will expire. I will follow up with you by email and text to make sure that you don't miss this golden opportunity.

You will get lifetime access to my 40 years of commercial and residential real estate expertise packaged together into…

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Jeremy F.


Vasu S.


Brooke V.

As a part of the Global Real Estate
Investment Enterprise, you'll receive:

The 11 Millionaire Secrets to Successful
Real Estate Investing

Valued at $197.00

Golden "JUMP START" Nuggets

Valued at $297.00

Financial Freedom Protocol Digital Program

Valued at $5,997.00

Modern Wealth Building
Formula Digital Program

Valued at $9,997.00

Real Estate Development Made Simple

Valued at $19,997.00

Listen To What Some Of Ken's Clients Have To Say


Tom F.


Chris R.


Brent B.

Here's Everything You'll Receive Today ...

Valued at $197.00

Valued at $297.00

Valued at $2,497.00

Valued at $5,997.00

Valued at $9,997.00

Valued at $19,997.00

Annual Value: $75,600




6 hours/month @ $1,250 per hour

Total Value:


10 Year Cost:


Yours Today For:


Payment Option 1

Tenure (10yr.) Program

Lifetime Cost: $12,000

Single Payment of $9,997.00


Payment Option 2

One Year Program

One-year cost: $7,000

Single Payment of $4,997.00


Payment Option 3

Eaze Funding

Program Funding with a W-2 and 620 credit score, and no prepayment penalty

Take a peek at what you’ll be able to access in
the Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise library


How many members are in the Enterprise, and when was the group started?

We currently have approximately 75 members with a growth plan to 1000 members nationwide by 2024.

Click the button below to view examples of member profiles.

When did the exclusive invite-only Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise start?

The enterprise was founded in December 2021 with an  offer to the serious client,
which allows each invitee to invest in themselves for a lifetime.

What are the members saying about the program,
and is there an outline with more details?

Please see the video testimonials of the members shown above
and learn more about the details at by clicking the button below.

Are the sessions recorded if I am not able to attend the weeks meeting?

Yes! Definitely. All calls are recorded and uploaded.

All the members are notified once the upload is done.

How are Members held accountable to keep on track with goals
and honoring their word relative to an outcome?

We have member accountability teams created for each month as a vehicle for accountability between clients to use as they please. Ken has found that accountability is key to an outcome and shares the team example that has been extremely valuable and beneficial in his success.

What is the cost to join our Tenure Membership
and is there an annual payment thereafter?

The current cost is $12,000 for the Tenure Program over the 10-year period you become a Professor and Expert in Real Estate Investing.

This limited one-time discount is $9,997 when paid in full. This investment is a total write-off, a tax deduction, and shows you how to obtain the program for essentially zero dollars. 

Please check out the Enterprise Payment Plans for the invitees to capitalize on this golden opportunity to build a real estate portfolio and an extraordinary life.

How do I join the Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise and get started?

  1. Process the Enterprise payment in full or with one of our payment and/or finance plans. 
  2. Upon receipt of payment, the automated member access, and email instructions about the program will be sent to your email inbox.
  3. Meeting notifications will commence, and your accountability team will be established shortly thereafter. 
  4. Schedule a Celebration Call with Ken Van Liew!

Please contact me to answer any further questions. 

I want to welcome you aboard and celebrate
the commitment that you have made towards your future.


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